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3D Print Service can provide cost effective prototype/small runs of ABS parts, which can be returned within 24 hours of receipt of your .stl format 3D drawing.


  • HP Designjet Colour 3D Printer
  • Model material: ABS plastic
  • Colours available: Black, Blue, Ivory, Dark Grey, Red, Fluorescent Yellow, Nectarine, Olive Green.
  • Max. Build size: X=203mm Y=203mm Z=152mm
  • Layer Thickness: 0.254mm
3d print

3D Scanning of objects

Using structured light scanning to provide and accurate 3D computer model of almost any object from 30mm to 500mm. The file can then be exported as an .stl which can then be read into our 3D printer in order to make an actual scaled model of the scan.

Assist clients in the development of their products, from those early development times when budgets are tight and quality is key, from early design assistance (3D Print) through to prototyping and final production right though to identifying and most cost effective production method suited to their product. Our operational agility allows is to switch seamlessly from prototype to production.

Sectors served

Military, Aerospace, Medical, Print, Labelling, Subsea, Civil, Commercial Marine, Machine Tool Manufacturers, Historic vehicles & machinery.

Call us on 01305 820321 or email at info@saltmanufacturing.co.uk

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